Wiring Harness manufacturing is one of SGA’s specialties. We manufacture wire harnesses for the automation, packaging, and mobile equipment industry and power generation plants around the world. SGA has been manufacturing wire harness and cable assemblies for over 16 years. We also provide cut to length, stripping, tinning, kitting and special in field repair kits.

Custom Cable assemblies and wire harness manufacturing has been at the core of SGA business since the founding back in 1991. Our capabilities range from the 100 plus for multi-conductor, composite cables for industrial controls to the sub-miniature board to board interconnect cables. Our primary markets that we serve are the small to medium runs 1- 10,000 pieces. Using both automated assemblies as well as the hand assembling for custom short runs, and prototyping.

Since 1991 SGA has met our customers electromechanical and pneumatic contract manufacturing requirements by utilizing our wide range of industry knowledge and strong vendor relations, coupled with our in-house manufacturing capabilities to offer our customers solutions for some of their toughest applications. We work with our customers providing other possible solution that can cut costs, improve reliability and ultimately provide them with better service.

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